Jorge Glas claims that they violated him: “they started kicking and kneeing me” – El Sol de México

Jorge Glas, former vice president of Ecuador during the presidential term of Rafael Correa (2007-2017), assured this Thursday that he was a victim of torture during his arrest last Friday inside the Embassy of Mexico in Quito, assaulted by the Ecuadorian Police after the Mexican government had granted her asylum.

In his first public intervention since he was arrested, glass detailed the details of his capture in the judicial hearing that evaluates the habeas corpus appeal presented by the defense of the former vice president to request that his detention be annulled and that the Ecuadorian state hand him over to Mexico or to a third country that also respects the asylum granted.

Glas, who appeared at the hearing by videoconference from La Roca, the maximum security prison in Ecuadorreported having allegedly received a beating in which he also claims that two fingers on his hands were dislocated and then put back in place.

With a disheveled appearance, and on hunger strike according to his lawyer Sonia Vera, Glas said that the police found him inside the diplomatic headquarters of Mexico after having reduced his boss in charge, Roberto Cansecofor whom he requested a decoration from the Mexican government.

“I open the door, they put flashlights in my face and push guns at me. I fall on the seat and they start yelling at me. I was in my pajamas and I just said let me get dressed and get my medicine,” said Glas, who also He demanded not to be handcuffed.

“It wasn’t enough for them to throw me against the wall, hit my head against the wall and start kicking and kneeing me in the hips. They threw me to the floor, jumped on me, stepped on my neck and kicked me in the ribs.” , he added.

The former vice president indicated that “one of the guys masked in black, who said he was the leader (of the operation)” dislocated his finger after telling him that it was so that he would remember him.

“They handcuffed me and I was hanging with my hands behind me, in a clear torture position,” said Glas, who also stated that “the torture method was being broadcast live.”

“Who would have been on the other side? (Perhaps) the commander of the Police, probably with the toast, or perhaps the president. Until that is proven, I prefer to think that it is a lie, because it embarrasses me as an Ecuadorian,” he added.

glass He stated that they carried him handcuffed with arms back to cause more damage and take it “as a war trophy”.

In the vehicle that took him to the Quito Flagrant Unit, the former vice president said that the police “were a fanfare inside.” “I was lying on the floor with a boot on my neck, with my entire body turned and hands behind me, and they took me down in flagrante delicto in the same way,” he added.

Recognition as politically persecuted

For Glas, the asylum granted to him by the government of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador It is “recognition as a politically persecuted person”, a title that the former vice president maintains to claim his innocence in the face of the criminal proceedings and convictions against him.

Before the administration of Lopez Obrador granted asylum, Glas had an arrest warrant for his return to prison in the case of the reconstruction of the province of Manabí, the most affected by the 2016 earthquake, where he is accused of alleged embezzlement (embezzlement of public funds).

Likewise, he had to return to prison to finish serving an eight-year prison sentence for two convictions for bribery and illicit association, the last of them within the framework of Odebrecht case that seeks to reverse after in Brazil the computer system with the nicknames of bribe recipients have been annulled as evidence.

“Sooner or later justice will be done in this. I ask that (my detention) be returned to the previous state. I have been imprisoned three times. Enough is enough,” said Glas, who was already in prison between 2017 and 2022, and that he was released under a controversial judicial resolution of precautionary measures.

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