Combi falls on truck in Periférico Norte – El Sol de México

A public transport combi overturned from a Periférico Norte bridge and fell on a private truck that was traveling on the side of this fast track; Despite the spectacular nature of the accident, preliminary reports indicate that there were only two injuries.

The crash and rollover occurred minutes before six in the afternoon this Thursday on Periférico Norte in the direction of Mexico City, in an area near the Satellite Towers, an emergency that activated rescue units from the municipality of Naucalpan.

According to preliminary information, the passenger unit was driving at excess speed and because of this it lost control, overturning from the central stream into the low-speed lanes. from an approximate height of about 7 meters high.

The public transportation unit fell on a private truck that was occupied only by the driver, who suffered only some minor injuries, despite the fact that the unit in which it was traveling was practically destroyed, mainly from the part of the awning that was the that received the impact.

Both firefighters and police from Naucalpan arrived at the scene of the emergency, who reported caring for two people with non-serious injuries that did not require transfer to a hospital specialized.

Originally published in The Press

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