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Culiacán. Four states of the Republic They reinforced their health measures after the Ministry of Health (SS) reported that it analyzes 855 probable cases of measles or rubella after confirming four cases of this viral disease, of which one is imported and three possibly related to the first.

Last Tuesday, the federal agency issued an epidemiological alert and announced that it began a national intensive vaccination campaign that began on April 1 and will conclude on May 31after the first measles case of 2024 was identified in Mexico on March 14.

The National Epidemiological Surveillance System, as of week 13 corresponding to March 30, 2024, reported 855 probable cases of measles or rubella, which the federal Ministry of Health analyzes based on the data recorded by state authorities.

In which states are there probable cases of measles?

In Sinaloa were reported 11 probable cases which were discarded after the respective laboratory tests. Given which, the state Secretary of Health, Cuitláhuac González Galindo, reported that there are 80 thousand doses against measlessufficient to complete the insaculation schedules of children who do not have the vaccine.

In TlaxcalaAlthough there are no confirmed cases, the health sector reinforced the dissemination and urged parents to vaccinate your children against measles. The authority stressed that in the state the health centers and medical units of the IMSS and ISSSTE had 78 thousand vaccines against this disease, in addition to poliomyelitis, hexavalent and rubella.

For its part, the Ministry of Health of Chihuahua They invited fathers and mothers of children under nine years old to take them to be vaccinated at the state’s health centers.

“All institutions in the Health Sector will be working to complete the basic table for children under nine years of age, placing a main emphasis on triple viral vaccination“added the state agency.

In Sonora, Governor Alfonso Durazo called on the inhabitants to have their girls and boys vaccinated against this viral disease. The president assured that the state has more than 79 thousand 92 doses against measles, rubella and parotitis for children from one to nine years old, in addition to 86 thousand doses against polio for children from two months to four years old.

How many times do you get the measles vaccine?

The measles vaccination schedule is two doses: the first at 12 months and the second at 18 months. For minors born before 2022, the second dose will be received at age six.

The Ministry of Health assured that the medical centers of the 32 entities have the triple viral vaccine -measles, rubella and mumps (SRP)- for children from one to nine years old, and also double protection against measles and rubella for adolescents from 10 to 19 years old.

When was the first case of imported measles detected in Mexico?

It should be noted that The first case of measles this year in Mexico was detected on March 14, and it was from a child one year and eight months, originally from Romania and resident in Hungary, who arrived in Mexico and had traveled through France and Great Britain in recent months.

On the flight from London to Mexico where the minor arrived a Mexican adult was infected, who did not have the measles dose; another of foreign origin, and a six-month-old baby of British nationality who did not yet have the respective vaccine since the first dose is applied until the first year of birth.

“The National System of Epidemiological surveillance In Mexico, epidemiological monitoring of all contacts continues to immediately identify if they present symptoms, which allows find opportunely the imported casesand establish Actions immediate for limit the chains of transmission“, indicated the Ministry of Health in a statement.

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