Jesse & Joy open a new date at the National Auditorium with “Cliches Tour” – El Sol de México

About to complete two decades of career, The Huerta brothers return to the National Auditorium with their “Cliches Tour”, with two sold out on February 14 and 15. And, to the delight of his fansJesse & Joy They announce a new date, April 27.

At a press conference, Joy also announced a dynamic to invite one of their fans to sing with them on stage.

“We want them to upload their videos to the networks performing one of our songs and for them to choose who will sing with us on February 14 and 15. The person who has the most replica in their networks will be the one who will get on and we will do the same in the rest of the republic,” said the singer-songwriter about the tour that has dates in cities such as Puebla, Monterrey, Toluca, Veracruz, and Tijuana, where They close the tour of Mexico on June 21.

“This is not going to be a blow, we are going to treat you like a VIP guest. They have to come, do the sound check and it will be the guest artist,” Joy explained.

“We need good music”

Although he admitted that there is always the possibility of “looking for ways to flirt with other genres and different sounds,” Joy assured that they do not intend to change their musical style, nor the type of romantic lyrics that have characterized them, due to current trends.

“It is difficult for us to jump to another lane that is not ours, but it is super fun to invite colleagues to get on with us and be able to play, share with those different sounds and ingredients. What gives me is the combination we make when making music, for us it is very important to leave good music in the world because it is what is needed most,” Joy declared.

While Jesse adds: “They are love songs, something that we love and doing anything else would confuse our followers, but it is nice to bring certain genres to our sound. We make our songs, our music and suddenly we play with elements that are outside, always with our seasoning.”

Between public and private life

While Jesse He is on his way to being a professional basketball player, Joy, Apart from continuing to compose new lyrics, he acknowledged that “I am running from one school to another with Noahfive years old, and Nour, three years old.”

When asked how they live the challenge of being artists versus being heads of the family, the singer responded: “It is very difficult to balance family life with work. Something we have managed to do as an efficiency is to adjust the way we write our songs, before it was traveling to write, now neither Jesse nor I have time to lock ourselves in a room.

“If you saw the way we have written the latest songs, it is by video call, or in the middle of Jesee’s training, these types of challenges that do not look rosy and have no glamor at all. Plus my time with my partner, my brother and his wife, those are the sacrifices that come with that part, and the fatigue that is not seen. Everything is worth it knowing that we have been sowing to have this result, it makes every moment that we are away from the family feel worthwhile and with a purpose.”

Jesse He added in this regard: “Both music and sport require perseverance; It is a spectacular shot to debut on the court, it is a daily job to shoot 500 shots in each practice. We only bet on ours, everything comes with a price and I hope it is the right decision that we make every day. “We want to continue singing and continue surprising ourselves with our music, aiming to make the best song of our lives every day.”

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Their sound and the type of lyrics they compose, Joy concluded, “it is difficult to put a label on it, it has influences from both, it has a little bit of everything. Our music is a blender in which you can throw love, heartbreak, party, hangover, tequila, whey, and a lot of acid. It’s something we have with our people, the fans, with our family called Jesse and Joy”.

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