The hot off-color scene between Jenna Ortega and Martin Freeman in ‘Miller’s Girl’ that causes “disgust”

The movie starring Jenna Ortega and Martin FreemanMiller’s Girl‘, released on January 26, continues to cause controversy for its controversial love plot between a student and her teacher, and it has recently attracted the attention of public opinion due to a hot old scene between the protagonists.

Social networks have been filled with debates about the history surrounding the film, where many accuse the film of representing an inappropriate relationship between a very young student and a very old teacher, since in it, there is a scene where Cairo Sweet (Jenna Ortega) and Jonathan Miller (Martin Freeman), have an unexpected intimate encounter, which has provoked several reactions from viewers.

“Now we are sexualizing pedophiles, great”, “it is okay that there is an age difference between two people who love each other, but let’s not exaggerate”, “they are more than 30 years ahead, this is very uncomfortable to see, it disgusts me“, “seeing such a beautiful young woman have relations with such an older man is quite uncomfortable”, “what were the scriptwriters thinking about this, I mean it’s not even the actors’ fault, how disgusting”, were some of the comments who expressed their nonconformity with the scene.

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