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LAS VEGAS.- Usherthe artist in charge of halftime show from Super Bowl LVIIIpointed out how complicated it has been to establish his show, having to compress its 30 years of experience in just 13 minutes.

“It’s definitely a challenge. There’s been a fantasy list, they’ve been hanging out and people try to guess which songs I’m going to sing first and Who’s coming on stage with me? What I did was take into account my past and celebrate with my present, which is here in Las Vegas, and think about the future and that was really my idea. What songs do people know me by? What songs have been a celebration of the entire trip?,” she said at a press conference held at Mandalay Bay.

The artist born in Dallas, Texas, but who trained as a singer in Atlanta, explained that He took the show as a celebration of his careerwhich he wants to share with each of those who have accompanied him during his career.

“I don’t have this moment for myself. All the fans that I bring with me, every person that has to do with me musicwith the creativity, everyone is part of this celebratory moment. I’ve been able to bring a lot of Atlanta and the melting pot that it is, musically and culturally, to Las Vegas. It wasn’t easy to do, but I turned Las Vegas into Atlanta. I took the V and turned it upside down,” he explained.

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As for the guest artists who will have like all the superstars who appear in the superbowl, Usher did not want to give many clues. But it is speculated that the main ones will be the rappers Ludacris and Lil Jonwith whom he created the song “Yeah”; Without a doubt, the most famous within his repertoire and for which he was recognized worldwide.

“I think I made it easy for myself when I decided to include artists in songs that became hit records. That gave me the most inspiration. “I have definitely gone through a lot of ideas about who would have gone through this moment with me,” she assured.

Likewise, he recalled the comical anecdote of when he was invited by black Eyed Peas to their halftime show at the Super Bowl XLV. Usher came down via cable to sing along with “OMG”, but He had complications when one of his wrists got trapped and commented “I almost missed the entrance, it was a shocking moment.”

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Finally, when asked how he would like his legacy to be remembered, he did not hesitate to reference Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan like their great role models for their constant effort and ability to rise in the face of adversity.

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