Juan Solo prefers to give power to his followers and demonstrates it with his song “Corazones incompletes” – El Sol de México

The last album of Juan Solo, “Unloved”, was released with the song of the same name as a single. Her fans adopted it as part of her life, however, Juan Solo He did not want to be an authoritative voice that said what the main theme of the production should be.

Therefore, rebelling against the usual model of music and the algorithm that dictates what is fundamental about each artist, The Mexican singer-songwriter gave his fans the opportunity to make another song on the album their favoriteWhich was “Incomplete hearts.”

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“We are doing the opposite of what artists always do, which is I choose which song I think you will like the most and this is the one I release and promote, to say I give you my disk and you tell me which one you connect with. And that is the one I promote, the one I go out to talk about,” Juan Solo explained in an interview with The Sun of Mexico.

“Everything that happens on social networks is incredible, what a surprise when it goes viral, but we must not forget that there are people using them and that nothing has emerged that can replace a hug, a look, being close, vibrating with another person. Even going on tour also seems to suddenly rebel against this great digital world,” added the artist.

“For that reason I do continue to rebel against digital, reminding ourselves that it is incredible, that it is I’m going to use everything I canbut what matters most to me is who you are and being able to see your eyes and being able to hug you the day I meet you,” he said.

Standing out as a romantic singer-songwriter, attached to the faithful essence of pop and with a guitar in his hands, has not been an easy task for Juan Solo, whose identity is reflected in “Incomplete hearts”, a topic that arose from the perception of a romantic breakup, not from him but from someone close to him.

“It is a reminder that we are going to bloom again, that no matter how much they tear us out, all the flowers in our garden will grow again. I think that’s why it became a magical song.”.

Accept to venture into the unknown

Happy to “continue embracing the dream of singing,” Juan Solo says he is ready to face a trip in which he will cross the ocean to bring all the songs from “Malquerido” to Spain. The challenge comes at a good time for him, four years after launching “MASOCHISTIC”a successful album but affected by the pandemic and with the recent success of the latest production.

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“I really want to return, I feel that I am going with a special maturity, this is the time to go look for other ears, other eyes for what I do,” mentioned the singer.

Upon returning from the European adventure, Juan Solo will appear at the Pepsi Center on May 25 along with Kurt, Ale Zéguer and Chucho Rivas.

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