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When we talk about the Mexican diet, a nodal food is the corn tortilla: in the countryside the annual per capita consumption is 79.5 kg and in the cities it is 56.7 kg.

With 135,000 tortillerias, we reach more than 122 million consumers at a rate of 25 million kg per day, whether nixtamal or flour.

The predominance that Maseca had in the past of Juan Antonio GonzálezMinsa of Altagracia Gomez has been diluted by more than a dozen actors. Obviously, the strength is in the traditional tortilla factories with 330,000 employees, 240,000 suppliers and a turnover of over 173,500 million pesos annually.

Given the lack of rules, informality is 73% of businesses. Hence the National Tortilla Council (CNT), which dates back to 2021 and has Homero Lopez Garcia, passionate about doing things well, and that’s how he expresses it. The group pushes formality, legality and regulations. It is not easy, especially the recurring six-year pressures, even with Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

However, López García has no intention of letting his guard down and is currently promoting a loyalty program to reward consumers at the counter. He believes he can be a differentiator by providing the client with discounts of 2 pesos on an extensive basket of products: milk, tuna, jellies, soft drinks, water, oil, detergents, etc.

A challenge was the App to do it via cell phone. It was resolved via an alliance with the sofipo Finsus of Carlos Marmolejo, financial firm that will actually enrich the benefits proposition.

When the client joins, life insurance will be offered. In addition, they will be banked by being able to pay with the application and access savings and credit plans. It could potentially encompass 7 million clients with employees, suppliers, consumers and their families.

Right now, the consumer firms that will participate with the idea of ​​tying up greater daily purchases in the country through tortilla shops are being outlined. Go from Bimbo’s Daniel ServitjeLala Eduardo TricioKimberly, Coca, P&G, Nestlé, even regional.

So the CNT’s plan is underway for a definitive turnaround in that union.


Although Gabriel Yorio of SHCP intended to have the regulations in March to implement the changes to the Securities Market Law and with it the simplified issues, the truth is there is time. The adjustments were published in the DOF on December 29 and there are 365 days, there are 100. I told you about the negotiations with AMIB of Alvaro García Pimentel. The stock exchanges have also been consulted. The union has already made observations to the Banking Unit Alfredo Navarrete. Calmly.


An entrepreneur who does not require introductions in the field of fashion is Domingo Pérez Aristi. It has brought a lot of concepts. It’s true that it didn’t go well at all with Adolfo Dominguez. However, he remains very active and will soon be the distributor of the Venetian shoe brand Geox. It has already arrived but with problems, hence its presence. It will be in PH de in 3 months Juan Carlos Escribano. The German Schutz will also manage at the beginning of 2025 with that department and perhaps Liverpool of Enrique Guijosa and Sears.


At this point the automotive sector with AMIA Odracir BarqueraINA of Francisco GonzalezAMDA Guillermo Rosales and ANPACT presented its plans to the candidates Xochitl Galvez and Claudia Sheinbaum. Their teams in turn outlined some projects in infrastructure, fleet renewal and energy transition. We’ll see if they crystallize. There is trust in ANPACT. Alejandro Osorio public affairs helm is attentive.

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