Kidnapping of 7 INM agents was to avoid operations against irregular migration – El Sol de México

Cancun Quintana Roo. After being rescued when they were deprived of their freedom by a criminal group that had kidnapped them, seven agents from the National Immigration Institute (INM) revealed that received threats To leave free passage to trafficking of undocumented immigrants who are heading towards the north of the country.

The INM confirmed the threats that the seven elements, four men and three women, received for not carrying out operations against the irregular migration that is registered in Quintana Roo.

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Through a statement, the INM condemned threats from criminalswho arrested and detained the seven federal agents, in events that occurred 7 kilometers from the Cancun International Airport.

The report states that the members of a criminal group They used several vehicles to corner and crash the unit in which the INM agents were traveling, who were subdued with firearmsthey received blows and ended up being locked in a safe house during the Tres Reyes neighborhood of this municipality.

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The disappearance of the immigration agents caused a red alert and with this the search and location began, and in a joint operation of federal security forces, as well as state and municipal corporations, the place where the federal agents were being held was located.

The elements of the different corporations were shot and for this reason, they repelled the attack, until they managed to rescue the immigration agents.

“Fortunately, the seven Federal Immigration Agents (AFM) were rescued; “They declared that they had received death threats and were warned to stop carrying out operations against irregular migration that transits through the state of Quintana Roo and heads to entities in the north of the country,” it was reported in the statement from the National Institute. of Migration.

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