Bad Bunny criticized for his message as second place in Spotify Wrapped 2023 – El Sol de México

on Wednesday Spotify announced the Wrapped 2023, leaving a lot to talk about among its users on different social networks. Enter the new section “Musical Cities” and the new ranking of the most listened to artists of the year, generated various interactions between Internet users. And it is that Bad Bunny was surpassed by Taylor Swift as the most listened to artist this year.

For three years in a row Bad Bunny He was the most listened to singer in Spotifyhowever, the swiftie phenomenon swept this year, placing Taylor Swift as the most listened to in 2023. Followed by artists like The Weeknd, Drake and Featherweight.

Yesi Bad Bunny was your favorite artist of this 2023, in the Wrapped A video appears of the singer sending a message to his fans and wishing them a good 2024 in a short 30-second video.

“I want to thank all the people who have listened to my music all year, I am very grateful. I hope that next year we continue sharing in the same way, have a good year and nothing, thank you for listening to my music,” he said Bad Bunny in said video he gave for Spotify.

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The manner of the Puerto Rican singer in the video left certain negative impressions, as some users on social networks considered him a bit apathetic.

Bad Bunny controversies

It is not the first time that Bad Bunny He is criticized by fans and networks in general, since the singer has been in constant controversial moments, such as the time when he snatched a fan’s cell phone to throw it on the ground, excusing himself that the young woman had gotten in his way and that she had gotten on top of him. with his body.

Another moment that has brought criticism to Bad Bunny It was recently, after he expressed his annoyance over the musical themes that came from artificial intelligence. Specifically with “Demo 5: NostalgIA”, in which she transformed his voice. In just a few weeks, the said song entered the 100 most listened to on Spotify. Provoking the anger of the Puerto Rican.

“If you like that shitty song that’s viral on Tik Tok, get out of this group right now. “You guys don’t deserve to be my friends,” he said in his official Facebook group. WhatsApp.

This is not to mention that he was recently named as the “King of Pop” by Forbes magazinea situation that generated controversy on social networks, especially among fans of the legendary Michael Jackson, who is considered the true king of pop.

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