Shakira could have a daughter with Gerard Piqué, why?

The media attention that has been given to the separation between Shakira and Gerard Pique, it is truly incalculable. After confirming their breakup, numerous secrets have come to light that have generated all kinds of controversy in the networks socialand now, it has been revealed that the Colombian could have a daughter with the former Spanish soccer player, but what is the reason?

The press is stating that apparently, Shakira and Piqué they frozen embryos several years ago to fulfill the Colombian woman’s desire to have a girl.

According to information revealed by the journalist Adriana Tovar In the program ‘Gossip No Like’, health complications that the singer had after having her second child prevented her from having another baby.

«In 2019 Shakira had a spectacular presentation that was at the Cup Davisbut what nobody knows is that Shakira she was pregnant Right at that time, as a girl, she was just five weeks pregnant… She had a spontaneous abortion, which was very hard for her,” said the journalist.

But now, There is a possibility that the ‘Waka Waka’ singer uses these embryos to have another baby. With this, it is presumed that the Colombian could have reached an agreement with the former Barcelona FC player to have their rights.

Apparently, Pique accepted the agreement for money, and Shakira could take care of a future baby, if she conceived it with the embryos she made with the Catalan.

In the program they made it clear that for a few months, there has been talk about the intentions of Shakira to have a daughter. That was one of her last goals with Gerard Piqué, but she never managed to execute it and it seems that she once again has the desire to achieve it, but now as a single mother.

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