La crème de la crème / Take ashes and/or give love! – The Sun of Mexico

blessed geography

For the first time in more than 20 years and in the context of nearshoring, Mexico sold more goods and services to the US than China exported to the same country.

A geographical explanation: it could be that the Dragon has the Bear as a neighbor, and since the Bald Eagle is further away…

black tears

On his visit to Israel, the Argentine president, Javier Milei, went to the Wailing Wall to cry, and cry ‘throughout’, in the company of the rabbi who introduced him to Judaism…

This was no longer seen as a mere theatrical act, and was harshly criticized by citizens of his country, Argentina.

This one is the lamp of the street and darkness in his house… he must have howled because of the rejection of his Omnibus Law…

‘Pistendo’ I hope

Two stellar moments from Jorge Álvarez Máynez, phospho phospho candidate in the 2024 elections:

When Governor Samuel García exposed him as a candidate for the orange party, and the last time: when together with Governor Samuel and in great celebration, they made fun of the INE and Beltrones, from a box at the Fosfolandia University Stadium.

On both occasions, tasting beer and tequila…

Not even Felipe Calderón! Advice to Maynez: If you mess around, don’t record yourself!

Bilibit ornot!

In a 1998 interview, candidate Xóchitl Gálvez reported that English is one of the languages ​​that the former governor of Hidalgo masters, “along with Spanish, French and a little Japanese,” she said.

Sandra Cuevas Syndrome, but, what about otomí, right, there?


And the Benitomania to everything that happens there in the state of Puebla: Arab benitacos, beniconchas, arithmetic benirules, unique talavera benipieces with the image of Benito

The only thing missing is Benitoblano mole…

To dress in pink

The Russian Central Electoral Commission (CCE), the highest body in matters of elections, denied registration for next month’s presidential elections to politician Boris Nadezhdin, Putin’s only opponent!

That because their supporting signatures exceeded the maximum allowable number of defects (errata in names or addresses and there were even signatures from dead people)…

Nadezhdin – whose last name means “one who brings hope” in Russian – was not an open opponent of the Kremlin, but he quietly promoted peace with Ukraine, for centuries Russia’s brother people, and now irreconcilable enemy people.

Well, surely the ‘továrisch’ (comrades) will soon go to Red Square to shout: the INEvsky is not touched!, but if they achieve something…

Briefs of love

-Come to bed with me. We won’t make love. Love will make us, Julio Cortázar

-I want to be the last on your list of loves, but the first on your list of memories, Charles Bukowski

-Love is a madness that neither the priest nor the lawyer can cure, William Shakespeare

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