López Obrador offers that the Federal government pay security expenses for candidates – El Sol de México

He President Andrés Manuel López Obrador offered that the Federal government pay the candidate security expenses who receive protection because they are at risk from unsafety.

During the morning conference, the president was questioned about the fact that in a meeting between party representatives and electoral advisors Some protected candidates complained that they had to pay the fees. per diem of his escorts, and that they did not have money for this, because the INE did not consider how campaign spending safety. Given this, López Obrador responded that he will see to it that the Federal government covers the expenses.

“We see it. The most important thing is the protection, the material is resolved. The parties have financing (…) if not, we take charge, since there is no longer corruption, we take charge, we have Public finances and if the resources are needed, we will provide them

The president also said that he is willing for his government to make the security protocolafter complaints from parties that it is too bureaucratic receive security.

“So she is going to inform us, how it is being done and if it is necessary to eliminate procedures to make the support more expeditious, we will do it, because with this we cannot hesitate. We review it and the procedure is eliminated, if it exists,” said the president. Lopez Obrador.

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