Lucero Mijares celebrates 100 performances with the musical El Mago – El Sol de México

With bright Star Mijares as the protagonist, the puesta on stage The magician celebrated with a plaque unveiling its first hundred performances in the Hidalgo Theaterin which the cast of the play, in addition to special guests as Manuel Mijares y Lucero, parents of the actresswere present on a yellow carpet.

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“We are happy, it was a blast, we are grateful to all the public, people loved it. I always wanted it to come true, it’s a construction site beautiful, but I never thought I would reach hundred functions”he commented Lucero Mijareswho plays Dorothy. “I have learned a lot,” she said.

At 18 years old, Lucero Mijares debuted in musical theatre with this staging, produced by Juan Torres, so the advice of his parents at the beginning of his career has been present during the process of the first hundred performances of the construction site. “Let her keep dreaming, let her always thank the public because they are the ones who come and keep this going,” she commented on what her parents have shared with her.

“It is an impressive achievement, which I believe should be mentioned to the public. The company has greatly supported Lucerito, has been delighted since the project began. The advice I can give you is to enjoy it and try to do your best, because every day is different, you don’t know what you’re going to find,” he said. Manuel Mijares.

In it musical directed by Ricardo Díaz, Lucero is surrounded by a cast made up of Eugenio Montessoro (The magician), Fede Di Lorenzo (Lion), Oscar Acosta (Tin Man), Juan Fonsalido (Scarecrow), Dulce Patiño (Malevolent) and María del Sol (Aunt Emma and Glinda), who returned to musical theater after 13 years.

“I am happy to return to the theater after being absent and what better than in this staging, to see the birth of a star. “Having the privilege of sharing the stage with great talents,” she explained, ensuring that her return to the stage has been complicated. “I had everyone’s support, starting was the most difficult for me, and then I enjoyed it,” he said. Maria del Sol.

The singer He emphasized what he has represented bright Star For the work. “With his first project he had the warmth (of the audience), he is an overflowing talent, for me it is a privilege to be a first-hand participant in his talent,” he added.

Although the season The magician was planned to end on December 3, the play will extend its season until January 7, so there is one month left so that the public that has not enjoyed it can attend the Hidalgo Theater.

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“I would like it to last forever, it is a construction site that its workmanship is at the height of any spectacle, I say this with humility and honesty. This is a coronation to all the obstacles that we had to overcome along the way,” said Juan Torres, who was also grateful to have María León and José Ron as sponsors at the unveiling.

The functions remaining of The magician They take place on Fridays at 8:30 p.m., Saturdays at 5:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m., and Sundays at 5:00 p.m. Starting on December 27, the show will be presented in performances with special schedules that can be consulted at Ticketmaster.

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