Luis Gatica spins two television projects with his role in Juana, the virgin – El Sol de México

A few weeks before the end of broadcasts of overcome guilt, the actor Luis Gatica achieves a new participation as Ramon in the soap opera with touches of comedy Juana la Virgen, which recently began recording.

During a break from filming in film format the story of Venezuelan origin and production of Patrick WillsLuis Gatica talks about his participation in the new plot, which will be the fourth version for the screen girl.

Ramon is the grandfather of Joan (Camila Valero), who had the audacity to leave 20 years ago, without having seen how her daughter, played by Grettell Valdez, grew up and abandoned his wife, Cynthia Klitbo.

“His appearance in their lives will not bring good things, especially when his granddaughter, who is a 17-year-old girl, is pregnant,” he describes.

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Ramon It’s not good or villainsimply like men in real life, he is a wrong being in his actions for his personal and family life.”

ANDI advances in its negotiations with companies

Upon being re-elected along with the board of directors headed by José Elías Moreno as president of the National Association of Interpreters (ANDI), Luis Gatica He remains the head of the Surveillance Committee, a group that currently has 12 thousand members.

“The companies that cover the payment of royalties for the use of the audiovisual work of the actors and performers are TelevisaUnivision, the subsidiary Tlnovelas and Netflixwith amazonthere are approaches but still nothing concrete with covering royalties from our affiliates in the ANDI“, Explain.

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Luis Gatica will open in 2024 working and in his capacity as executive of the ANDI, “I am going to start with good news for the partners because in 2024, ANDI in technology and actions has great surprises for them. Our goal is to position Mexico through ANDI, in particular as the spearhead of management companies in the world and in Latin America above all”.

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