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Happy, full and satisfied is how you could define the current stage you are experiencing. Eugenio Derbez. Today, his environment is in perfect balance, according to what he said in an interview with The Sun of Mexico; He enjoys being a present father to his four children, enjoys excellent health, free from rehabilitation and therapies and, in addition, is proud of the successes achieved with each of his works.

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“I can say that it is the year that most job I have had in all my career, I think so. I’ve had a very difficult few years, but I did some series this year, plus the promotion of the movie Radical “It has been exhaustive, it is not over yet and I am very proud of his entire journey,” he stated. Derbez.

And yes, an example of his professional triumph is Radicala film inspired by real events and that addresses the life of Sergioa teacher who comes to primary school Jose Urbina Lopezin Matamoroswho comes after realizing that these students were the worst evaluated in a national knowledge test.

Its objective is to educate children, invite them to like studying and learn, without using traditional teaching methods.

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“The truth is that this film turned out very well, sometimes no matter how much you have the exact ingredients for a film to be successful, it doesn’t work and this one came out perfectly, it connected very well with the people, with the public and it talks about education which is a crucial issue not only in Mexicobut in the entire world.

“Is a true story about how a 12-year-old girl who practically grew up among garbage suddenly became an unprecedented girl, I think that caught a lot of people’s attention,” said the actor.

The film ranked eighth among the highest-grossing films in Mexican cinema. To date it has raised almost 21 million dollars globally, while in Mexico is he highest grossing film this year, achieving an audience of 3.1 million viewers and 199 million pesos in revenue, according to data from the National Chamber of the Cinematographic Industry (Canacine).

“I am very surprised, we thought that Radicalbecause it was not the typical commercial or comedy film that I make, it was not going to be so successful, in fact at the beginning we did not plan to launch it commercially, but when we saw the reaction of the people at the Sundance Festival, That’s where the bug arose: ‘it’s the same and it works’ and it did,” said the producer.

Jennifer Trejo, Daniel Haddad, Gilberto Barraza, Enoc Leaño and Danilo Guardiola complete the cast of Radicalwhich was directed by Christopher Zalla and produced by Derbez. But his path is just beginning, since Derbez has managed to position his tapes much higher, at least with No refunds (2013) raised more than 100 million 500 thousand dollars worldwide; followed by Overboard (2018), with 91 million and How to be a latin loverwith 62 million.

Far from seeing these numbers with fear, the producer also sees them as an engine to move forward, even demonstrating that the public can be conquered with stories inspired by real cases, not necessarily being a fiction or one comedy.

This year it also premiered in Prime Video your new season On a trip with the Derbez, looking for Santa, with which he managed to heal family wounds, as well as value life much more, after an accident he suffered, in which he almost lost an arm. For this edition, his trip contains fewer risks, it is more familiar and loving, especially to instill Christmas traditions in his little daughter Aitana.

“If you don’t bring out the child you have inside during these Christmas seasons, you never brought it out anymore, that will make you bitter. Therefore, on these dates I always try to make sure there is a lot of magic in the house,” he said. Derbez.

For the following year, Eugenio Derbez62 years old, will considerably reduce his workload, this in order not to be so exhausted at the end of the year.

Finally, one of the expected projects was Speedy Gonzalezwhere the actor would lend his voice to this cunning mouse who became famous in 1955 thanks to the short film Friz Freleng and Hawley PrattHowever, this plan was scrapped for the moment due to rights conflicts.

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“It’s a long story, but speedy stopped, we were going to do it with a company that, with everything that happened within it, the matter was buried for now, equally and later when the rights are released we will do it”, he concluded.

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