Luis Miguel fans fill the Arena Ciudad de México in the first concert in CDMX – El Sol de México

On the outskirts of the Mexico City Arena, Luis Miguel’s songs are played at full volume, either from the speakers of the stands or from the sweet sound coming from the organ grinder. Today “The Sun” shines on the venue, in the first of seven concerts at said venue.

People from different parts of the Republic gathered to enjoy this show. A group of fans from Tlaxcala were in the crowd, excited to see their idol for the first time.

“We are eighties fans, we have passed the taste for Luis Miguel’s music,” said Carmen, one of the members of this group who turned to a travel agency to purchase their tickets, because they were left on the list during the sale. Standby.

Regarding the rumors that the tour is being offered by a double of the singer, they were incredulous, and assured that the look he currently has is a product of his age.

“We understand that he is an artist with more than 40 years of experience, but the talent, voice and feeling continue,” said Carmen.

The unofficial tour merchandise booths were packed with people. T-shirts were sold for 200 pesos, and sweaters and sweatshirts for 500. There were also bracelets for 30 pesos, tote bags, mugs, pens and even cushions with the singer’s face.

From Mexico City there were also mothers who came with their children, to whom they transmitted their taste for the music of the “Fría como el viento” singer. Such was the case of Thelma Serrano, who admires both her musical side and her films.

“It’s singing with emotion, because they are songs that never go out of style. Luis Miguel is always someone different, he sings from mariachi to bolero. How good that he (his son) takes the pleasure, I am happy, and here we are to listen to it live.”

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