María Elena Saldaña, La Güereja, exposes the corners of her life with a memoir – El Sol de México

His greatest fears, failures, those decisions he has regretted, but also the personal and professional successes he has received, as well as key moments in his life will be the basis of the new biographical book of María Elena Saldaña.

The actress shared that she has already started writing her memoirs with the aim of, one day, sharing them in a book that may be available to the general public. In this she will include testimonies from friends, as well as her own experiences that have made her reach places that she never thought she would reach, as well as establishing friendships with great artists.

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“We are writing some things about my life, about the years, about the wonderful opportunities that life has given me, about working with such incredible people because I started out very young, collaborating alongside comedians like Manuel ‘El Loco’ Valdés, Rafael Inclán or Alfonso ‘Pompín’ Iglesiasit is priceless,” said Saldaña in an interview.

“I think that, like all human beings, I have said on many occasions, ‘oh, what a fool, I would have done this and that’, but we don’t know that until it happens! Without a doubt I have had ups and downs in life and that is what will be captured,” added the actress.

For now, Saldaña does not have the title that his project will carryHowever, what is clear is that it is not looking to make a bioseries with this content.

Within his memoirs he will include the comic moments he experienced alongside Benito Castrowho died on September 11 and with whom he gained great popularity thanks to the programs La Güereja and Something Else (1998) and The Güereja of my Life (2001).

“You don’t know how many times I have thought about Benito (since his death), remembering those times when we recorded the programs, it even happens to me that I am remembering something and I think about calling Benito, I am going to talk to him to ask him certain things, but I can’t, I haven’t got the 20th yet,” he shared.

In fact, the actress will also dedicate a space to write about what happened when the actor died.

“That day I recorded a program, in which he was supposed to be there, until 1:15 in the afternoon, he had already died, but the production did not want to tell me, they waited until I finished recording to notify me, When it was over they told me and I didn’t record anything that day, I couldn’t,” he said.

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The program, which would be the return of La Güereja and her Papiringo (Castro) It continued as planned, only changing the actor to Manuel “El Flaco” Ibáñez. A few months ago the pilot of the project was carried out, now, already authorized by Televisa, the recordings will begin at the beginning of next year, under the production of Reynaldo Lopez.

“It’s very nice when you work with a very fun, very dynamic team. This Aída Pierce, Freddy Ortega’s daughter, We are a very nice group of people, there will be many of us who already have a little more flight hours in this and others who are very young, I feel very happy about this project,” reported the actress who will return to the small screen continuously after years of absence.

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