MasterChef Celebrity 2024: who was eliminated on April 14? – The Sun of Mexico

As the days go by in the kitchen MasterChef Celebrity 2024it is being defined who are the contestants with the best seasoning and that they should try a little harder if you want to be one of the first to go up to the balcony.

Again, Laura Bozzo, Grupero King, Itati Cantoral, Paco de Miguel, Ernesto Cazarezwere among the first to conquer the palates of the judges and avoid facing each other in the elimination challenge.

Nevertheless, Harold Azuara, Rossana Najera, Raul Sandoval, Jawy Mendez, M’Balia and Natalia Subtilthey had to cook a sauce with a black apron.

When it was the turn of M’Baliathe judges seemed to be dissatisfied with his dip bit defined well It wasn’t for a dessert but it wasn’t for a salty meal either.. And in a unpredictable turnthey sent the other contestants to the balcony and without deliberating they chose the former member of OV7 as the fifth eliminated from MasterChef Celebrity 2024.

One of those most affected by saying goodbye to her was chef Alfonso, as he said that her essence was captured in her last preparation.

“I didn’t expect to be eliminated. I would have liked to stay longer and I hoped to stay longer. “Each challenge has been as fun as it is stressful,” the singer commented on her departure.

Who is M’Balia?

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