[Podcast] The keys to the world | Behind the diplomatic crisis between Ecuador and Mexico – El Sol de México


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The diplomatic crisis between Ecuador and Mexico reached the highest international levels with the complaint before the International Court of Justice for the assault on the Mexican embassy in Quito to carry out the arrest of former Correista vice president Gilberto Glas, violating various global agreements on the immunity of a diplomatic office.

The act has aligned all of Latin America in a single voice of condemnation against Ecuador, which now faces a foreign problem that could be reflected in its internal policy as it fights against drug trafficking and corruption.

In this episode of The keys to the world We delve into the current binational conflict that has been dragging on for months, and that could hide drug trafficking interests and serve as an observation laboratory for other countries accused of authoritarianism such as El Salvador, which has decided to remain silent about the violation of a diplomatic headquarters.

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