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“When your words are no wiser than your silence…choose your silence”


Or what is the same in another even more famous and popular phrase: “Flies don’t enter a closed mouth”, both applicable at the origin of the diplomatic crisis between Ecuador and Mexico, now aggravated by the inconceivable and inadmissible violation of the principle of extraterritoriality. with the assault on the Mexican embassy by the Ecuadorian police, pretexting the apprehension of former vice president Jorge Glas, who had previously been tried and convicted by the courts of that country when the politician was staying at the diplomatic headquarters since March 17, waiting for his asylum request to the Mexican State to be resolved.

After a negative and aggressive opinion was expressed in the morning about the result of the elections in Ecuador and the warning that asylum would be granted, the Ecuadorian police violently broke into the embassy facilities and captured the former vice president to transfer him to a maximum security prison, resulting in Mexico justifiably breaking relations with the South American country and the majority of the countries in the area condemning the raid, which they considered unprecedented in diplomacy since in 1961 in the Vienna Convention, the members of the International community adopted extraterritoriality as an essential and indisputable principle for respect between nations, and that in accordance with it, the residences of the embassies would be considered as a territorial extension of the States whose representations they occupied, in such a way that all Mexicans, without a doubt, have suffered a cunning invasion.

However, it is also not a small thing that the head of the Mexican State issued his criticism of the electoral process of another country, which is clearly an intervention in its internal affairs and does not anticipate the meaning of a resolution in process which, at least in the paper, gave rise to the Ecuadorian authorities using it as an argument that they acted in their defense in the face of an alleged violation of their sovereignty and triggered the crisis in which we are immersed today.

The truth is that none of the parties currently in conflict had the prudence that characterizes civilized international diplomacy, whose meticulously formulated protocols guarantee the respect with which relations between States must be conducted. Now, we can only hope that those in charge of diplomatic policy in both countries take on the task of fixing the damage caused by those who demonstrated their limitations in coexistence with other member states of the community.

On the other hand, and in order not to overlook what happened in the so-called debate between the three candidates for the presidency, in my opinion, there was no “new thing on the front”, to begin with, as always happens, everyone proudly declared themselves victors, supported by their respective and enthusiastic supporters, those of us who wasted our time were the citizens who were busy watching the contest and who were bored with the same accusations against each other for corruption and the proposals already heard during their campaigns and pre-campaigns. The format developed for the contest did not help much and in the end, I do not think it changed the voting decision of the skeptics, as the classic would say.

“Life goes on”.

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