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It is no secret that American football in Mexico, the National Football League (NFL) has gained a lot of presence in the country, it is not for nothing that Mexican athletes have managed to reach the league and some have even managed to achieve the top, the Super Bowl.

According to the NFL Mexico, until 2023, there are at least 45 million fans of the ball in the Republic, making it the country with the most fans of this sport outside of the United States.

Not for nothing, more than 10 Mexicans have managed to make the jump to the highest level, the NFL. The kicker position is the one that has had the most success.

Among the most notable are:

  • Tom Fears, the first Mexican to play in the NFL, the Rams drafted him in the 1948 Draft. His career was so solid that he entered the Hall of Fame in 1970.
  • Alex Esquivel has a very particular story, as he was the only Mexican to be recruited playing in the Mexican student league. Graduated from the University of Las América, the Baltimore Colts trusted his talent and he was selected in 1955.
  • Rafael Septién, like Herrera, the Cowboys kicker, participated in Super Bowl XIII, however, he could not take his ring, as the Pittsburgh Steelers took the iconic game.
  • Frank Corral, another kicker, participated in Super Bowl XIV with the Los Angeles Rams, like Septién, losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

  • Steelers.

However, none of those mentioned above managed to play a Super Bowl because at their time the Super Bowl had not yet been played, since the merger between the NFL and the AFL had not yet taken place, which occurred until 1966.

Which Mexicans made it to the Super Bowl?

  • Efrén Herrera was part of the Cowboys that defeated the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XII, becoming the first Mexican to win a SB ring.
  • Raúl Allegre, perhaps the most recognized by Mexican fans, won two Super Bowls with the New York Giants, the XXI edition and the XXV edition. He is the last Mexican player to win an SB ring.

It is worth mentioning that Alfredo Gutiérrez joins the list of Mexicans who have played in a Super Bowl, since the Mexican is part of the 49ers practice team, although he will not have participation, he is part of the team, if San Francisco wins the Super Bowl LVIII, would also receive its corresponding ring.

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