They secure the largest drug laboratory in Sonora during AMLO’s six-year term – El Sol de México

Hidden among the treetops and dirt roads, in the vicinity of Rancho Viejo, in the municipality of Quiriego, the largest clandestine laboratory in the history of Mexicowhere almost 40,955 kilograms of methamphetamines were seized.

It was last February 8, when elements of the Secretary of the Navy with support from naval intelligence, located and dismantled this mega drug laboratory in this place, located more than 70 kilometers from Ciudad Obregón, municipality of Cajeme.

The governor of Sonora, Alfonso Durazo Montaño reported that, with this, more than one billion doses of methamphetamine were prevented from being dispersed in the market, making it a hard blow for organized crime.

“This means that we are eliminating crime almost 700 million dollars“Imagine the operating capacity, the corruption capacity, the ability to acquire weapons that gives it a financial capacity of that size, but most importantly: we are preventing 1,023 million doses of methamphetamine from reaching the market,” he noted from the area where the clandestine laboratory was found.

The president explained that this laboratory was made up of 72 reactors, 102 condensers, 32 centrifuges, three vehicles, two motorcycles, a trailer and various material.

“That is the great significance of this action by the Secretary of the Navy, which has prevented 1,175 million doses of methamphetamine from reaching the market,” he indicated.

At the scene they secured 35 thousand 250 kilograms of finished product and five thousand 705 kilograms of chemical substances for the manufacture of narcotics, in addition to eight thousand 150 liters of manufactured precursor, 46 thousand 800 liters of essential chemicals, 9 thousand 250 liters and 44 thousand 496 kilograms of dual-use substances.

For its part, José Ojeda Duran, head of the Secretary of the Navy, reported that the area is protected by authorities and it is planned to finish dismantling the facilities.

“There are six stations within a two-kilometer radius, and in total they ensured 35 thousand kilograms of finished product and 5 thousand kilograms of chemical substances that would produce more than 40 thousand kilograms of methamphetamine,” he added.

Originally published in The Sun of Hermosillo

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