Mexico has enough technological talent to face nearshoring demands – El Sol de México

With more than five million trained people, Mexico has a large reserve of technological talent. These are more than 700 thousand software developers and three million professionals in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics, this is with STEM profiles.

In addition to an Information Technology talent of 1.8 million. And it is estimated that 80 percent of people with these skills are located in 5 regions: Jalisco, Nuevo León, Mexico City, State of Mexico and Querétaro, states that are home to technology investments.

An analysis by ManpowerGroup’s Experis points out that the issue of nearshoring speaks to the need to have adequate talent. Global companies seeking technological support find in Mexico a very appropriate place for their investments and long-term strategy.

By 2024, the new information technology trends that businesses will demand include machine learning, artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

“We see an interesting demand for several technological positions in the area of ​​application development and modernization,” said Carlos Bueso.

The director of Experis Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America also said that in order to deal with this context, he recommends:

Balance innovation with human development; train staff to use new tools and platforms and incorporate more women into technological talent professions.

“We cannot leave aside when we talk about technology, that the most important thing is human talent. They are the people who work with these platforms to create value. So maintaining this balance between technological platforms and human development is going to be essential in Mexico during 2024,” said Carlos Bueso.

On the other hand, he pointed out that in the last three years the shortage of talent in the Information Technology sector has intensified. In 2022, it was 68 percent; by 2023, it grew to 73 percent and by 2024 it will reach 79 percent.

This speaks to the fact that the demand for technological talent exceeds the supply that the country has, said the director of Experis Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America.

And according to the ManpowerGroup Talent Shortage Study for 2024, the Information Technology (IT) sector is the one that has the greatest difficulty in filling its job vacancies.

It surpasses Consumer Goods and Services, whose shortages are 72 percent, and Finance, Logistics and Automotive, with 69 percent.

“The dynamics of the most in-demand positions in Mexico changed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The most requested and most difficult position to fill is that of Data Analyst. This is a strategic position to collect, process and analyze large amounts of data.”

With the aim of identifying patterns, trends and relationships that can be useful for decision making, explained the director of Experis Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America.

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