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The Mexican actor Miguel Ángel Fuentes, better known as the “Hulk” Mexican, died at the age of 70, after leaving a great participation in Mexican cinema during the 80s, having participated in more than 70 films.

The National Association of Interpreters (ANDI) confirmed the death of the artist who acted in films like Fitzcarraldo, in addition to sending his condolences to the family.

According to first reports, it was Miguel Ángel Fuentes’ wife who found him dead, apparently because natural causes in his house located in the Azcapotzalco mayor’s office From Mexico City.

On social networks, various colleagues from the artistic union have joined in the messages of affection and condolences towards the actor’s family.

Who was Miguel Ángel Fuentes?

The actor born on September 29, 1953 in Tlacotepec, Oaxaca He was widely recognized for films such as Fitzcarraldo, The Puma Man, The Mexican, Those Below or Bloody Kidnapping, to mention a few.

His great success also led him to stand out in soap operas, in addition to the well-known comedy program Ambrosio’s Carbine, where he played “Gulp” character.

He also stood out for appearing in several productions of hollywood, managing to share credits with renowned artists worldwide such as Brad Pitt, with whom he can be seen in a photograph, as well as Julia Roberts, Gene Hackman, Chuck Norris, Mr. T.

Actors like Arturo Vazquez have joined in the condolences on social networks by sharing some photographs where they are seen accompanied by the actor along with the text: “it is said fly high, but I say glory to God because his doors are surely open for you Mickey.”

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