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The Attorney General’s Office of the State of Guerrero confirmed the lifeless discovery of four members of a family of the Ayahualtempa community belonging to the municipality of José Joaquín de Herrena, same as They have been missing since January 19 and for those in this town who decided to arm the children to join the search efforts.

The four victims were found dead on the side of the Chilapa-Tlapa highway at the height of the point known as Las Antenas.

On January 19, the disappearance of Cecilia Gaspar Hernández, 50, her husband José Teodoro Domingo Ortiz, 52, and their children Roberto and Gaudencio, 30 and 22, were reported missing. The authorities of their Ayahualtempa community reported that it was a group of armed civilians linked to a criminal group who took them away.

After reporting the disappearance in the area, operatives from the State Police, Army and National Guard were deployed. that they were not able to establish the whereabouts of the 4 members of the family, which is why their authorities called the community police to carry out the search and enter any town that was needed to locate them, including Tlanicuilulco, which is the main stronghold of the Ardillos.

As part of the community action, children between 11 and 14 years old were called to join the work and those over 14 were given low-caliber rifles, those between 11 and 14 would only carry sticks, but already with the community police t-shirt.

The State Attorney General’s Office confirmed that The remains found on the Chilpancingo Tlapa highway correspond to those of these four people.

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“As part of the first investigations, personnel from the Ministerial Investigative Police and The Expert Services moved to the municipality of Chilapa de Álvarez, where they carried out the procedures and the corresponding survey to clarify the facts,” was indicated in an official bulletin, which also states that the death of Cecilia “N” is being investigated under the femicide protocol.

Note published in Acapulco Sun

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