Morena militants ask for justice for the murder of a candidate in Ecatepec – El Sol de México

After the murder of a candidate for a popular election position for Morena in Ecatepec, militants and leaders of this party asked for justice and greater security.

It should be noted that this Saturday the brothers Joan Martín and Yair Martín “N” (the latter aspiring to a Federal Council) were in the central area of ​​the town of Santa Clara Coatitla when they were attacked with shots and a knife. As a result of this attack, both died in a hospital in the area.

After this, party members of the Ecatepec National Regeneration Movement called for unity and peace within the party for all those who aspire to office. In addition to this, they demanded that the authorities find the culprits and punish them, in addition to demanding greater security before the electoral process that will take place on June 2.

The victim was a young furniture businessman and leader of the Association of Microentrepreneurs, Workshops and Transporters of Ecatepec, AC (AMITTEC AC) from the town of San Andrés de la Cañada, who at the beginning of February announced that nearly three thousand members were joining to the political team of the first councilor Ernesto Santillán Ramírez for the mayor’s office of the municipality.

Edgar Puga Morales, coordinator of Morena in the Eastern zone and aspiring coordinator of the 4T in Electoral District 13, called on the authorities of the three levels of government to reinforce security in the most populated municipality of the entity which faces great security challenges.

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Note published in The Sun of Toluca

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