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The leaders of the PAN, Marko Cortes; PRI, Alejandro Moreno and the PRD, Jesús Zambranodenounced President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Morena and allies of sponsoring criminal politicians who were in jail to put them in the competition for candidates for popularly elected positions.

In a press conference, Marko Cortés denounced that the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador is taking criminals from prison and is making them candidates or to make them operators.

As an example, Marko Cortespointed out the former governor of Tamaulipas, Eugenio Hernandezwho is accused of illicit enrichment, embezzlement and crimes against health, drug trafficking and who was released last October to make him a candidate for senator for the Green Ecologist.

“Imagine. What will our main commercial allies in the United States think?? Because you have an extradition request and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Mexico has a current approval of the extradition order.”

He announced that they (PAN, PRI and PRD) have filed complaints against several of the “criminals”, currently candidates and operators of Morena and Verde that they released from prison to give them immunity or to operate campaigns.

“Is it really a joke? He has an extradition order for crimes against health and in fact yesterday we saw him in a grotesque way, splitting a skull. Maybe it’s not the first time one has left. Because he is also accused of having been a leader of criminal groups in his state. And that entails a serious threat that would also have to be investigated and reported, which is why today we denounce it,” said Marko Cortés.

Marko Cortés accuses Zaldívar and Sheinbaum of being drug traffickers

In addition, he said that he was also reported Arturo Zaldivarbecause the former minister was putting pressure on the judges and “surely also put pressure on this judge who released him to make him a candidate for Morena and the Green Party.”

He stated that the “narco candidate Sheinbaum“It goes to Tamaulipas and the one who receives it is the one who cannot cross to the United States, Eugenio Hernandez, because they arrest him and put him in jail. “And if that’s not the case, we invite you to have a coffee there, on that side, to see if it’s true.”

Another of those who managed to benefit from Brunette to get out of jail is Eukid Castañón, old operator, rest in peace, Rafa Moreno Valle, certainly he was the unpresentable one, he was the one pointed out by them, by the Morenistas. Rest in peace, through Barbosa, the one with the dirtiest work: extortion, espionage, also illicit enrichment.

“He was in jail and last August they released him and today, he is part of Chedraui’s campaign operators for the municipal presidency of Puebla and also of Armenta, for the state government,” said Marko Cortés.

“I want to take advantage and close with two more topics: to demand that the drug candidate Sheinbaum tell us where the money she has in tax havens came from. “Three companies belonging to her family with money in tax havens.”

Marko Cortes He also regretted that the National Electoral Institute “has not made itself respected and has not made us respect it. Given López Obrador’s sick recurrence of one morning and the next and the next, mentioning the electoral processes again, attacking our candidate, attacking our coalition, attacking our candidates and they have not dared to face the “It is a repeat offense to have ordered him to suspend his morning conferences between now and June 2.”

Alito launches against former municipal president of Toluca and Eruviel Ávila

For his part, the national leader of the PRI, Alejandro Moreno Cárdenas affirmed that the strategy of the Morena government and its allies is clear, who use all instruments to try to steal the election on June 2.

“These cynical and corrupt Morena people are truly taking gangsters and criminals out of jail to involve them in the electoral campaign,” he said.

Said Raymundo Martínez Carvajal who, instead of currently operating at the head of the municipality of Toluca, “was a fugitive from justice for nearly two months and today is linked to proceedings for participating in the crime of express kidnapping, for the purposes of extortion.”

He indicated that in the case of the former municipal president of Toluca, Raymundo Martínez Carbajal, A criminal complaint was filed with the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) for the crimes of diversion of resources and embezzlement, as well as for not having verified federal resources from the Work Contribution Funds.

He noted that they will demand “that the investigation continues and we are going to ask the Audit Office to be present, because what they are doing is exchanging impunity in order to try to win the elections.”

About Eruviel AvilaAlejandro Moreno said that “we filed a criminal complaint for the crimes of embezzlement, diversion of public resources for more than 1,365 million pesos,” for not having verified the federal public resources that were delivered, such as the Contribution Fund and for the items health and education.

He highlighted the “agreement to release confessors in exchange for giving them the opportunity to be released, violating everything, so that they can operate in favor of their candidates in the State of Mexico for Morena.”

“Morena and her allies grab political garbage and take it with them to work,” he assured and said “Morena, when it suits her, is using judicial issues to try to benefit her electoral campaigns,” politicizing justice.

Jesús Zambrano, leader of the PRD, denounced that we are facing a state narco-election directed from the National Palace, so the three political parties of the Fuerza y ​​Corazón por México coalition will file a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic, against Eukid Castañón Herrera , who was Secretary of the Comptroller’s Office of the government of Puebla, the complaint is for embezzlement and diversion of resources for 568 million pesos for not having monitored the resource and application of the money applied in all branches.

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