Johnny Depp’s radical change of look after years of his trial with Amber Heard

Johnny Depp is a name that is impossible not to recognize today, and it is not only about a celebrity who conquered movie lovers with his incredible interpretations of various characters, characters that were characterized by their iconic talent for acting and that today it would be impossible to replace with another actor.

And although his professional career was affected by the controversy that involves his ex-lover, the actress Amber Heardto this day, Johnny Depp has been working on himself and on some other projects, which will bring him back some of his former glory, or at least that’s what his fans hope.

But what has caught the most attention of his fans and the entertainment media in general, was the radical change of look that the actor has madeand for many it is even difficult to recognize with the naked eye.

The 60-year-old celebrity was seen on April 9 taking a walk around the Vincigliata Castle of Fiesole in Italyaware of the paparazzi, the actor was wearing a baseball cap and dark glasses that tried to hide his presence, and perhaps his renewed appearance as well.

Photographs taken by Just Jared

And the interpreter of ‘Jack Sparrow‘She has cut her characteristic long hair, and has left a dramatically less voluminous haircutalthough it doesn’t look bad at all, it has surprised his followers.

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