Narvarte and Del Valle, where the most domestic workers join the IMSS in the country – El Sol de México

The southern delegation of Mexico City of the Mexican Institute of Social Security, which make up colonies such as San Ángel, Churubusco, Del Valle, Piedad Narvarte and Santa Anitais the area of ​​the country that has incorporated the most workers and domestic workerss to the institute, with a total of seven thousand 464.

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In 2019, Mexico adopted the Convention 189 about people domestic workers of the ILO, with which it began its incorporation into the social securityl, which became mandatory with the publication of the reforms to the Social Security Law in the Official Gazette of the Federation on November 17, 2022.

The institute has the record of 64 thousand 639 people who have received this benefit, of the 2.05 million who, according to the latest National Occupation and Employment Survey (ENOE)carry out this activity throughout the Republic.

For the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS) the problem that the incorporation moves at a slow pace is more a question of awareness than of procedures or numbers, “since there is not yet enough culture to think that if I am going to hire a housekeeper I must comply with the law.”

The Sun of Mexico looked for the IMSS to know your position on the progress of the registration of people domestic workers but at press time he still did not respond.

Julia works from Monday to Saturday in four different houses as domestic worker and in none of them have they wanted to grant him the right to have social Security. “Yes, I have asked for it, I even have employers with whom I have worked for more than 20 years, but some tell me that it is not convenient for them because they would have to pay more and they cannot. Others who do not know how to register me or that it is not convenient for them because it creates rights that they could not assume, believe that we are going to fail all the time and they are going to have to give us disabilities,” Julia stated in an interview with El Sol de México.

In the social Security for the domestic workersthe scheme is tripartite, that is, the people who hire them, the employees themselves and the government contribute financially, and it includes access to the five insurances offered by the IMSS: illnesses and motherhood; work risk, which includes temporary disabilities; disability and life, so that, in the event of any damage that prevents them from continuing to work, they are permanently disabled with a pension, or that in the event of their death, their family has coverage; as well as savings for withdrawalunemployment in old age and old age, in addition to day care centers and social benefits such as Infonavit.

Whoever hires must be responsible for retaining the fee of the employeesince a single payment must be made that includes the amount that falls to both parties.

Some of the benefits, such as medical attention, are also extensive for the worker’s partner and their sons and daughters up to 16 years old and up to 25 if they study. In the same way, they can affiliate father and mother, if they live with the worker and they depend economically on it.

Tere, for example, told El Sol de México that she has worked practically her entire life as domestic workerbut unlike Julia, she has done it for only one family, which a year ago decided to incorporate her into the IMSS.

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“It is in some way to give back something of what you are women do for us and our families. Tere cooks for us, helps us with the cleaning and even helped me with my children when they were little, yes it is an extra expense, but it is worth it because she knows that when she likes, she can even retire,” said Carmen, her employer.

He added that the incorporation process was relatively simple, he even did it by Internet, but the complicated thing was estimating the cost since it must be considered in accordance with the salary perceived and working days. The input must be done month by month through Bank deposit or electronically, after obtaining a capture line, before the 20th of each month. “The complicated thing was also that Tere agreed to deduct from her salary what she as an employee has to put in, here I put in and she also puts in but in the end she understood that we agreed. None of my neighbors who occupy workers like Tere, they have registered them,” added Carmen, who lives in the Narvarte colonyBenito Juárez mayor’s office.

According to STPS figures, nine out of every 10 people who work in domestic work are women.

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