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The Mayor of Chilpancingo, Norma Otilia Hernández Martínezwho last July was linked to an alleged leader of organized crime, requested leave to leave office for a month, to participate in the candidacy for the Senate of the Public.

Although the video of his meeting with an alleged criminal leader was known to the President López Obrador, and that the mayor herself made herself available to the State Attorney General’s Office, So far there is no progress in this investigation.

Hernandez Martinez He held his morning conference this Tuesday, after Christmas, in which he said “we are going to continue in 2024,” and highlighted the work of his cabinet, which he said did not stop even on holidays.

The Morenista councilor made a series of announcements regarding upcoming activities to be carried out by the Municipal government during the first days of January, like the festivities of Kings Day and the closing of the Fair, and said that this would be to advance times.

Next, he stated that he had requested a license from January 2 to February 10, 2024 to pparticipate in the internal conflict of Brunette by candidacy to the Senate of the Republic.

He mentioned that He chose to separate himself from the position so that he could not be challenged internally by the rest of the candidates. and clarified that he will be able to return sooner, when the process is defined.

“I believe legitimate my right to participate for the senatorship,” said the mayor, who added that if she were not nominated, she would be disciplined and would be opting for the re-election.

Hernández Martínez expressed that, in accordance with local legislation, it would be the general secretary of the City Council, Xochitl Heredia Barrientos, who will take office on January 2.

Along with the mayor, the trustees Andrei Marmolejo Valle and Yasmin Arriaga Torres, both Morenistas, who seek the presidency of Chilpancingo and the local council, respectively.

Alleged links to organized crime

Last July, A video of Mayor Norma Otilia Hernández, with an alleged criminal boss, circulated on social networks in a restaurant located in the Quechultenango area.

The issue was widely known and the issue reached President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who indicated that there would be an investigation involved.

For its part, Hernández Martínez made himself available to the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) However, to date there is still no progress in the investigation.

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