North Korea will launch three more spy satellites in 2024 – El Sol de México

North Korea intends to launch three spy satellites more in 2024, according to state media reported this Sunday, after the first successful launch by Pyongyang last month.

He North Korean leader Kim Jong-unset this goal at the conclusion of an important five-day plenary meeting of his party, as detailed on Saturday by the North Korean state agency KCNA.

“From the experience of the launch and successful operation of the first spy satellite in 2023 in the space development sector, the task of launching three more spy satellites in 2024 was revealed and comprehensive measures to stimulate the development of space science technology were discussed,” KCNA noted.

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The announcement of North It comes after they said in November that they had put their first spy satellite into orbit, and that according to Pyongyanghas already taken images of US military facilities in San Diego and Japanas well as the Suez Canal in Egypt, among others.

North Koreawhich has said it has also taken images of US military bases on the island of Guam, has not yet shown any photos obtained by its new satellite, launched into orbit on November 21.

At the end of the five-day meeting, the North Korean leader also highlighted the importance of strengthening the country’s military capabilities and “developing powerful unmanned armed equipment and electronic warfare means” in a bid to better implement its key defense projects.

“We need to respond quickly to a possible nuclear crisis and mobilize all physical means, including nuclear force, in an attempt to accelerate preparations for the grand event of bringing the entire territory of South Korea under our control,” Kim said.

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North Korea closes 2023 after having displayed its military muscle with several weapons innovations (a nuclear torpedo, a submarine with the capacity to launch several ballistic missiles, its first spy satellite or its first solid fuel ICBM).

To this we must add that Pyongyang has chosen to strengthen its ties with Beijing and Moscow, which have vetoed new sanctions against the regime and seem to provide it with certain security guarantees in a global framework marked by the wars in Israel and Ukraine and the growing acrimony between autocracies and states that consider themselves democratic.

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