Partido Bienestar Guerrero confirms that 20 of its candidates declined due to violence – El Sol de México

The president of the State Steering Committee of the Guerrero Welfare Party, Marco Antonio Santiago Solísconfirmed that of the 85 mayoral candidates, 20 declined for facts that have to do with the violence that is suffered in the entity.

Interviewed within the framework of the presentation of his payrolls for local deputies and municipal presidentsin compliance with the times set by the Electoral Institute and Citizen Participation of the State of Guerrero, revealed that despite thisand meets 90 percent of the records.

He said that until now the authorities have not presented them with a risk mapfor what they are their own candidates for elected office who have to Identify risk points or hire your own security for the start of their campaign events.

Until now the state government is providing security for the candidate for mayor of the municipality of Alcozaucamountain region, Crispín Agustínfor suffering acts of intimidation and by some acts of violence occurred in the municipal seat, he indicated.

He Guerrero politicianSantiago Solís, assured that despite this panorama, they are meeting the objectives of moving forward, not only in the percentage that is required for the continuity of the game, but also to win several mayoralties and have representation in the State Congress.

He indicated that up to this moment 90 percent of the registrations for candidates for local deputies have been completed and work is being done to replace those who personally declined to be candidates for mayor, in such a way that they can be replaced and cover the 85 municipalities.

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In the act of presentation of the forms there were messages from some applicants to be part of the electoral process of June 2in which they agreed, from the outset, that their political institute is not an appendix of Morena and the only thing that identifies them is that They are leftist and that uphold the principles of transformation for defend the interests of the most humble people.

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