Netflix and its crime and suspense miniseries that is ideal to watch in a single day and is based on a real event

The streaming platform Netflix has a vibrant german miniseries that with only 3 chapters, it manages to contemplate an impressive story that is also based on totally real events. He crime and the suspense They take over the plot and won’t let you get up from the couch until you’ve finished it.

‘Crime scene: Death at night in Berlin’, is the miniseries from Netflix recently released and which is ideal to watch in a single day. Its three episodes, each only 30 minutes long, present a story that tells the investigation of some surprising murders.

In general, it tells details of a series of crimes that occurred in Germany 12 years ago against people of the LGBTQ community. These events caused an enormous stir in the country and in a large part of Europe.

It is starring Katrin Faust, Anka HilgertMonika Laschke, Regina Luck, Self – Alexander’s Grandmother and Ulrike Pohle.

Check the official trailer from ‘Crime Scene: Night Death in Berlin’ here:

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