Pink Moon of April 2024: When can you see? – The Sun of Mexico

He darling will not cease to surprise us this month of April, set after experiencing a total solar eclipsenow the moon will charge again leadership.

It’s about a astronomical event which occurs year after year and can be seen all over the world. In addition, ancient cultures gave great importance to this moon phase.

Below we will tell you when the day will be when, if the meteorological conditions allow it, you will be able to appreciate the full moon brightest of the spring.

When can the pink Moon be seen?

The ideal time for you to turn to darling to se her Pink Moon It will be next April 23, according to the National Institute of Astrophysics, Optics and Electronics (INAOE).

Why is it called Pink Moon?

According to National Geographic, the name of this spring moon is related to flowers “Phlox subulatawhich are in their best season at the beginning of the spring and is native to North America.

Native Americans believed that the pink moon had effects on the agriculture and associated the natural satellite of the Land with the pink moss that abounds in the mountains in April.

The pink moon occurs when Land it perches in a straight line between the Sun and the satellite, which causes the lunar disk to illuminate completely, as explained by the POT.

How to see the Pink Moon?

Although this astronomical phenomenon suggests that the moon will turn a pinkish tone is not entirely true, it will simply be brighter than normal which can give an optical effect of pinkish color, but this does not mean that the conditions of light represent a danger for the human vision.

You also do not need special devices such as telescopes to be able to appreciate it, since its color can be perceived with the naked eye; As a recommendation, the ideal is that you can be in a place where there is no Light pollution.

Yes you have the possibility of getting some binoculars They could help you see in more detail the craters of the full moon, Finally, remember to have a little patience for the moon to reach its highest point of light and so you can observe freak at its finest.

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