Plane crashes into car on Florida highway – El Sol de México

A small plane carrying five people crashed this Friday afternoon on the I-75 highway, near Naples County, Florida, leaving two people dead.

Of the five passengers on the affected plane, a Bombardier Challenger 600, two died on impact, the Collier County Sheriff’s Office, where the accident occurred, confirmed in a statement.

The three remaining people managed to evacuate the aircraft successfully, said the press officer at Naples airport, Robin King, in a statement sent to AFP.

Just before the accident, the pilot radioed the Naples Airport control tower and requested an emergency landing, King said in his statement.

An air traffic controller immediately authorized the maneuver after the pilot explained that the aircraft’s two engines had stopped working.

However, it could not reach the runway of the air terminal and that is why it tried to land on the highway. The jet was flying from Ohio to Naples, according to the airport employee.

The FAA is investigating the reasons for what happened.

Last week, a small plane crashed into a mobile home park in the northwest of the state, killing three people.

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