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To boost the growth and consolidation of the aerospace industry and related services in Metropolitan area, the Secretariats of Economic Development of Mexico City, State of Mexico and Hidalgo signed a collaboration agreement with AIR SPACE CLUSTER in the facilities of Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA).

During the signing of the agreement they highlighted that Edomex, CDMX and Hidalgo reach 50 percent of foreign investments, therefore the importance of detonating the aerospace industry.

Hidalgo has the labor and land

Carlos Henkel Escorza, Secretary of Economic Development of Hidalgo, pointed out that there are potential to generate a great economy in the metropolitan area.

He indicated that Hidalgo joins this development in the central area of ​​the country and can contribute not only extension of land, but also skilled labor and infrastructure growing.

Are 14 thousand hectares What does Hidalgo have todevelop industrial and logistics parks that are located in the corridor that covers from Ciudad Sahagún, Tepeapulco, Apan, Emiliano Zapata, Zempoala, Zapotlán, Tezontepec, the Platah industrial park and culminates in Tepeji del Río and Tula.

Hidalgo joins this development plan with Mexico City and the State of Mexico to detonate the economy not only of the entities, but of the inhabitants of each of them.

Henkel highlighted that, in the Metropolitan University of Pachuca, they train to young people in aerospace engineering, so also There is a qualified workforce.

In due course, the general director of the AirSpace Cluster of the State of Mexico, Myrhge Spross, was pleased that Hidalgo joins this action, since he considered “it has a great potential for aerospace development”.

The head of this Cluster, which began work in 2023, invited the Hidalgo companies to join to be suppliers, So he said, “they will take them by the hand to achieve synergy in the market to achieve exports.”

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At the time, the Secretary of Economic Development of Mexico City, Fadlala Adkabani said With the inclusion of Hidalgo, the metropolitan area will be further enhanced since in the entity there is territorial extension, in the State of Mexico qualified labor and in the capital of the country the development of the economy which together will help the entire region.

Note published in The Sun of Hidalgo

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