[Podcast] The keys to the world | The death of Piñera: how to clean up the image of a controversial politician – El Sol de México


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Sebastián Piñera, the two-time former president of Chile, died in a helicopter accident on February 6 and Chilean politics praised his name and what the democratic role of the businessman meant for the country.

Thus, Chile is experiencing a social phenomenon with the death of the former president that is once again polarizing the country, because Piñera not only went down in history for being the first right-wing president after the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, but he will also go down in history as the one responsible for generating the greatest gap between the social classes that caused one of the worst violent demonstrations against his government.

With this burden on his resume, his death seems to have given him the opportunity to rewrite history with a political and media attack that seeks to glorify his name and legacy, even leaving aside the controversies of his government, such as the protests, the repression that caused 24 deaths, in addition to various judicial investigations.

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