“Presidente Máynez” tops the list of Spotify’s most viral songs in Mexico – El Sol de México

Through his social networks, the candidate of Citizen movement to the presidency of Mexico, Jorge Álvarez Máynez celebrated that the song by “Presidente Máynez” has become first place on the list of most viral songs in Spotify in Mexico, something that makes him remain optimistic in the presidential race.

And the MC candidate chose to replicate the success of the iconic song with the same name from his 2018 match, performed by the young Wixárika Yuawi López, but now with the name of the contender.

This is how the chorus of “Máynez, Máynez, Máynez president!”, the musician and producer Moisés Barba González, was the one who managed to compose a success that went viral in a short time on social networks.

His song is the number 1 most viral song on Spotify

Jorge Álvarez Máynez He thanked his followers and all the people who have made it possible for the famous and catchy song to have that place in the ranking.

And, since the song began to be used in short videos, it began to be successful, which is why it later became a trend, with users who claim that “they couldn’t get it out of their heads.”

“We are going to make it. For your children and for mine,” Máynez wrote in the publication that is accompanied by a screenshot image that shows that he tops the aforementioned list of the music app.

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Weeks before the song by “Presidente Máynez” reached first place in the 50 most viral songs in Mexico on Spotify, the topic began to gain relevance on social networks thanks to a video by Samuel Garciagovernor of Monterrey, in which he was asked who had bought the Tesla Cybertruck he was driving, to which he responded by singing “Máynez, Máynez, Máynez Presidente!”, so many users began to point out how “sticky” it was. It’s the melody.

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