They give preventive detention to those involved in the murder of candidate Jaime Vera of the PVEM – El Sol de México

A Control Judge issued preventive detention for one year against the subject arrested for the murder of Jaime Vera Alaníspre-candidate of the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (PVEM) for the municipal presidency of Mascota, which occurred on February 1, in the Santa Catalina subdivision, in Zapopan.

The State Prosecutor’s Office reported that it is Brian Moisés, who was also linked to criminal proceedings for the crime of qualified homicide with the aggravating factors of premeditation, treachery and advantage.

Investigations by the federal agency established that the possible motive for the crime was attempted theft of your vehicle and other valuables.

On the day of the events, the victim was leaving a laundry located at the intersection of Manuel J. Clouthier and Moctezuma avenues in the Santa Catalina neighborhood, in Zapopan.

Jaime Vera He was loading some objects into his white Sierra-type GMC truck, with Jalisco license plates, when he was surprised by Brian Moisés M., who He carried a firearm with which he threatened him and violently, he demanded his personal belongings, including the keys to the vehicle.

But since Jaime objected to being assaulted, the subject shot him repeatedly and then fled in a truck that was manned by other people.

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Medical services arrived at the scene and confirmed the death of Jaime Vera, who had gunshot wounds to the head.

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