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Three sailors were successfully rescued last April 9th after what They will be stranded on the island of Pikelotin the state of Yapwithin the territory of the Federated States of Micronesiathis after His signal for help was seen in the sand.

According to a statement from the United States Coast Guardthe castaways spent at least a week stranded there without the possibility of communicating or being able to leave. The authorities learned of the case last 6 of April when They received an emergency call from one of the relatives of the missing.

The caller contacted the Joint Rescue Subcenter (JRSC) to report that his three uncles had not returned from the Pikelot area100 nautical miles northwest of Polowat Island from where they departed.

That’s when the team JRSC in Guam began coordinating the search and rescue operation with the mobilization of all available air assetsincluding a P-8 plane of the US Navy present at Kadena Air Force Base in Japan, and a Coast Guard vessel in a perimeter that covered more than 78,000 square nautical milesthe authorities said.

He P-8 plane was the first in notice the presence of the three sailors on April 7 on the island of Pikelotwhen They could see the call for help from abovethe word “HELP” (help in English) written with capital letters and made with palm leaves.

From the plane The condition of the sailors was also verified and left them various survival packs so that they could survive until additional help could arrive.

A Coast Guard HC-130J Hercules aircraft he April 8 flew over the area and He gave a radio to be able to communicate with them and that, out loud, they could make known their state of health, the resources they had in terms of water and food.

He Coast Guard cutter Oliver Henry finally could meet the castaways on April 9 on Pikelot Island to protect them and begin your journey back to Polowat.

“In a remarkable testament to their willingness to be found, the sailors spelled ‘HELP’ on the beach using palm leaves, a crucial factor in their discovery,” explained Chelsea Garcia, lieutenant and search and rescue mission coordinator when the men were found. “This act of ingenuity was instrumental in guiding rescue efforts directly to their location.”

What happened to the men who were stranded?

The Coast Guard reported that the three men had an average age of 40 years and they began their journey from Polowat during the Sunday March 31 in a small skiffwhich are small boats and can be propelled by sails or oars.

His six-meter skiff was equipped with an outboard motor and the men boasted have experience navigating those waters.

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During the tour some problems arose and the The skiff ended up being destroyed and the men stranded on the island of Pikelot. After being a week on the islandthey had the idea of write help message and they found the ways to eat and drink water.

Also, they managed to recover their skiffwhich suffered damage that left the boat uselesswhile his engine was outboard. The Coast Guard he only explained that the men expressed their desire to be returned to Polowatsomething that was done and it seems that none really suffered significant damage.

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