Relatives of prisoners in the La Pila prison, in SLP, block roads due to alleged riots – El Sol de México

Relatives of people deprived of liberty in the La Pila prison, in San Luis Potosíthey momentarily blocked Highway 57, after reporting that a crime was taking place inside the prison. confrontation between internal and authorities of the same.

Through some videos that circulated on social networks, presumably taken inside the prison, disturbances are observed and what, according to the version of relatives, are heard, are firearm detonations.

However, the state authority informed El Sol de San Luis that the situation has already been controlled, in addition to establishing dialogue with the inmates and the head of the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection.

Highway 57 was also cleared and it was reported that the inmates’ families would be allowed to enter; Meanwhile, it was also assured that no firearm shots were fired, as well as that there are no people injured neither deceased.

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