Min Hee Jin would have requested authority to terminate the contracts of the NewJeans girls

Recently, fans of NewJeans have become very concerned, and that is that the controversy between HYBE and the CEO of ADOR, Min Hee Jinhas apparently begun to involve the name of the girls from the popular K-Pop girl band.

According to the latest reports from the Korean media on May 2, CEO Min Hee Jin requested authority to terminate the exclusive contracts of NewJeans members without the other shareholders of ADOR and HYBE being able to do anything about it.

Normally, any matter related to exclusivity contracts of the big stars of the K-Pop must be discussed with a large board of directors of all shareholders, however, Min Hee Jin requested an amendment to her shareholder agreement that would allow her to void or terminate the NewJeans girls’ contracts with ADOR without the need for a meeting, and without the interference of HYBE Labels.

The news is still being covered and it is currently unknown if this would actually be possible, so the Bunnies (NewJeans fandom) have demanded through official networks a statement from the record agency, very understandable when it comes to something as important as the continuity of their favorite band.

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