Riot in Cereso de Acapulco leaves two guards injured – El Sol de México

A group of prisoners from Acapulco Reintegration Center They rioted to prevent a transfer that left several injured, including these two guards.

This Thursday at 5:00 in the morning, the transfer of some inmates to other prisons was prepared, when a group of inmates tried to violently prevent it.

The custodial staff of that penitentiary center, which is located on Calle de Las Cruces neighborhood footballimmediately applieds security protocols and a strong security device was available with support from the staff ofl Mexican Army, National Guard and State Police.

First reports indicate that there was a confrontation between the inmates and guards, which left two uniformed officers injuredos and it is unknown how many inmates were injured, as well as the number who participated in the riot.

So far no official statement has been issued, but the security operation continues inside the prison under the control of the authorities.

Furthermore, no official statement has been issued to explain the details of what happened.

This mobilized personnel from the Mexican Army, National Guard and State Police, who came to support the custodial staff and control the situation inside the prison.

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It should be noted that this Reintegration Center has been the scene of other cases of riots, which has provoked protests from the inmates’ families, because they have alleged mistreatment and alleged violation of their human rights.

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