Rodrigo and Gabriela celebrate an evening of strings and rock – El Sol de México

Rodrigo and Gabriela performed at the BB Auditorium tonight. Armed with an electric guitar and an acoustic guitar, respectively, they offered a show of almost an hour and a half.

“Hello good evening. Thank you for coming, I feel like I know you all,” said the instrumentalist, while the audience repeatedly shouted her name.

“Thank you for supporting our instrumental music, you know that we have been doing this for many years, now we come here to present this new album called “In between thoughts, a new world”,” he added.

The scenery was made up of a night landscape. In the background of the stage there was a blanket decorated with a hill, which was illuminated by a reddish moon.

The group continued their show with songs like “True nature”, “Descending to nowhere”, “Broken rage” and “Finding myself leads me to you”, all from their most recent album.

The audience couldn’t stop applauding, and comments could be heard in the crowd from people applauding his technique and guitar playing skills. The musicians moved all over the stage, constantly flashing smiles at their fans.

The group founded in 2000 celebrated that with this show they returned to Mexico City after several years of absence. “You know that unfortunately we don’t play very often in our city, the last time was when the pandemic happened,” said Rodrigo.

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“And before that nine years ago. For us, playing here is not only the emotion of being home, but also seeing a family that doesn’t have the chance to see us so often. First I want to thank you for these years of support, even though we are not here present,” added the artist.

Themes like “Diablo rojo”, “Hanuman” and “Tamacun” made up the final stretch of the show. “Thank you very much for joining us,” Gabriela said goodbye.

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