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The death of Rodrigo Marin, a photographer and makeup artist who collaborated during the last days of his life for the program ‘Tell me now’. His death was confirmed through the social networks of this show. Their colleagues and other members of show business regretted his departure.

For now, none A source close to the actor has revealed the official cause of his death. This news soon generated hundreds of comments among the audience, since the users dedicated farewell messages to him, he also they spread different words of support for your closest circle.

In addition to your step for this production, He was in other television projects, where he managed to be recognized for his behind the scenes work and in photography. Some time ago he confessed that he had other professional goals, however, in the end his life took a different direction.

Who was Rodrigo Marín?

Was a makeup artist, photographer, actor and producer who dedicated much of his life to working in television within different chains. According to the last program in which he collaborated, he died on last December 27 at the age of 49.

At the beginning of his career He tried to enter the world of acting, but failed to achieve this goal. In an interview for the YouTuber’s podcast Karla Zorola revealed that in the end he had the opportunity to work in the beauty industry.

This is how he managed to position himself in this environment, Well, with the passage of time, he began to have several opportunities, so he was able to forge a track record of more than 30 years in this environment.

Marín worked with several brands, some of them were L’Oreal Proffessionel and Kerastase. He worked as a photographer for magazines Collection, Alto Peinado, Estetica Italia and Tribute. Additionally, he was a producer of ‘Fan Chic’, a fashion show on TV Azteca.

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One of her last jobs was as a makeup artist at ‘Tell me now’, a Televisa Univision program presented by the drivers Michelle Vieth, Ximena Córdoba, Roxana Castellanos and Sofía Escobosa.

This is how they announced their departure

It was through the account instagram from this program in which the news of his death was confirmed: “We regret the death of our collaborator, may he rest in peace,” they wrote in the caption.

This publication, in which they also uploaded a Photography his in black and white, has received a large number of comments, many are from some television talents who collaborated with him.

“A great friend and professional”, indicated businesswoman Silvia Galván. Actress and model Leslie De los Reyes also stated: “So young and full of life, this year has been very sad, a lot of strength to his loved ones.”

Rodrigo Marín uploaded images on his social networks in which he showed a little more of his work, as well as the projects in which he participated. One of his latest publications is a video that he has written: “Live every moment as if it were your last,” which has also generated several reactions.

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