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Movimiento Ciudadano, Dante Delgado’s party, is facing a crisis that puts it in serious difficulty not to participate in the presidential race in 2024, since it registered Samuel García as its only candidate and he abandoned the pre-campaign: he returned to Nuevo Lion.

MC decided to go alone, he has sold that they are not going with the PRI and that they play a balancing role between the most predominant alliances. They even speak of a political purity that does not resist serious analysis.

But to be honest, it is no different from the role played by the PT and the PVEM, which always seek the shade of the most robust tree, depending on the season of the current political climate, to continue accruing their particular interests. MC has not joined Morena, but he pretends to play as the third party, when in reality his rant is directed against Xóchitl Gálvez.

In partisan politics nothing is set in stone. Political parties determine their alliances based on what they analyze is best for advancing democracy, for people to live better. But in history there are opportunistic alliances de facto that move based on what is most convenient for their leaders, not for society.

So in the dispute towards 2024 there are only two options: the continuity of the deterioration towards authoritarianism or the possibility of restoring the institutions that have been built with a lot of work in the last 40 years. Two different contexts: it is the continuity with the race towards disaster or the alternative made up of the PAN, PRD and PRI is chosen.

How big will the challenge be that the opposition made up of the PAN and PRD today make an alliance with the PRI. And the PRI makes an alliance with the parties whose origin was precisely the contumacious criticism against what was the only hegemonic party for 70 years. But today everything changed and the alliance of these three parties aims to stop the authoritarianism represented by Morena, this is the highest interest, above differences, an alliance against the omnipotence of Lopez Obradorism.

The parties that join Morena know this, but they play for themselves. But Dante, MC and Samuel García also know it. And there he went, attacking the opposition, until the Congress of the State of Nuevo León blamed him for what he sowed and reaped, so he elected an interim without any relationship with García. By the way, no legal provision indicates that the interim must be from his own party or appointed by him.

But how big was Samuel García’s imbalance that the interim was not his proposal, which forced him to leave his pre-campaign for the Presidency, and return to “resume” the functions that, just a few days ago, did not deserve any importance.

Two soups, two contexts: MC could well fulfill its role as an institution of public interest and contribute to rescuing the country by supporting Xóchitl Gálvez. Or as we observed, arrogant, he offered to play a suspicious role as a political scab.

It would be good for the Superior Audit of the Congress of the State of Nuevo León to review the public account of Samuel’s exercise, because everything seems to indicate there is mismanagement that he hides. That is the real tremor that led Samuel to leave Dante with an inch of his nose. His concern is not the old politics, his restlessness may have to do with hiding from the population mismanagement and possible corruption of his government. At the time.

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