Senate committees ratify Omar Fayad as ambassador to Norway – El Sol de México

The joint committees on Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs Europe in the Senate ratified the appointment as ambassador of Mexico in Norway of the former governor of the state of Hidalgo and the former PRI member Omar Fayad Meneses.

During the appearance before the members of these legislative bodies, chaired by Senator Héctor Vasconcelos and Senator Gabriela Benavides Cobos, Omar Fayad Meneses said that, if ratified, he would focus on strengthen diplomatic, political, economic, social, educational and cultural relations with Norway.

It will seek to review and strengthen the exchange in innovation and technologysince that European country has been betting on these areas for several years, and has enough experience that many Mexican projects could benefit from.

He considered that science and technology are tools that can be used in the fight corruption and other matters.

Furthermore, he raised the need for establish an air agreement to have a direct flight between Mexico and Norwayin order to boost the national tourism sector, but this requires the support of the Secretary of Tourism. Currently, he explained, there are no direct flights between the Nordic countries and our nation.

He proposed creating a working group with senators to address priority issues that must be reinforced by the diplomatic representation of our country in Norway.

When speaking for the PRI, Senator Cecilia Margarita Sánchez García pointed out that “it is a constant process to confront proposals for appointments from the Executive that, in short, have been translated into political favor payments. “I am not only referring to international issues, it is clear to us that for this government the issue of diplomacy is not a priority.”

Héctor Vasconcelos, president of the Commission, said that our country’s relationship with Norway is modest in terms of human and commercial flows. However, there are coincidences in the United Nations Security Council as permanent membersas well as in coordinated work such as peace dialogues between the government and the opposition of Venezuela.

He commented that the legal framework of the bilateral relationship covers various sectors, “but still does not fully take advantage of its multiple potentialities”, so he trusted that the development and “valuable” treatment between both countries will continue.

The senator stressed that this European nation is recognized as one of the best democracies in the worldfor its broad respect for civil liberties and low rates of inequality.

Benavides Cobos, meanwhile, recalled that friendly relations between Norway and Mexico date back to 1885, although this was not formalized until 1906.

He added that that country planned and established an economy driven by the energy industry, through the development of green energy, as well as the fight against climate change and its complications.

Senator Napoleón Gómez Urrutia, from Morena, asked to study that country’s experience on issues of democracy, development, productive efficiency, low levels of inequality, as well as free health and education services, in addition to lower levels of corruption.

Fayad Meneses has a degree in Law from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, he has a master’s degree in Public Security and Police Sciences; In addition, he has doctoral studies in Public Security, Criminal Prosecution and Criminal Policy.

He served as governor of Hidalgo from 2016 to 2022; He was a federal representative for that state on two occasions, as well as President of the National Conference of Governors.

Among other positions, he was Secretary of Social Development of Hidalgo, from 2005 to 2006; Secretary of Agriculture of that federal entity, from 2003 to 2005; and Coordinator of Advisors in the Undersecretariat of Public Security of the Ministry of the Interior, from 1998 to 1999.

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