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In 2016 Mexico created the first women’s soccer leagueafter decades that this sport It was only practiced by men, which represented a great step in terms of gender equality. However, there is still a long way to go before conditions are equal, points out the filmmaker Manuel Cañibewho debuts his documentary film so close to the cloudswhich captures the history of the first women’s soccer team in our country, which played the final of the soccer World Cup In the 70s.

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“The situation has changed a lot, women’s soccer is just taking off, there are already foreign players who are beginning to have much higher salary benefits, but it must be said that it is understandable, there is a chasm between the women’s soccer and the male because that has been the history of both branches, that abyss exists historically and cannot be corrected or equalized,” Cañibe stated in an interview with The Sun of Mexico.

He filmmaker graduated from Cinematographic Training Center He assured that 50 years ago, it was very difficult for one’s own women They defended their tastes, especially because of the social image with which they were related. Told in part through the testimonies collected from those involved, such as Silvia Zaragoza, Irma Chávez, Sandra Tapia, and María Eugenia Rubio.

“In the books and in the football history The female incursion has been barely portrayed, it was known which matches they had played in the Aztec stadium, with those impressive crowds, but everything was really very concise and, once I met the players, I started to investigate a lot more.

“I investigated at a newspaper level, then I supported myself with a team to gather possible data through this story. Their presence in the media was very intense, but very located in a short period of time, approximately two years they appeared in the pages of the newspaper,” said the writer.

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The history maintains a balance between the players’ version and the testimony of Manelich Quintero, who was one of the two creators of the Mexican Women’s National Team At those moments, in addition to being a sports journalist known in his time and to whom Cañibe dedicated the feature film since he passed away last year.

so close to the clouds was recently awarded in the 21st edition of the Morelia International Film Festival, winning the Ojo of the Michoacana Section. This work is available at Vix platform.

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