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In this first quarter of 2024, LG Electronics has shown once again that any expectation can be exceeded. With consolidated revenue reaching 21.09 trillion KRW and operating profit of 1.33 trillion KRW, LG not only sets a new record, but also highlights the strength of its strategy and operations. But what is behind these impressive numbers?

Diversification has been a crucial point in LG’s strategy. Not only has it managed to consolidate itself in the market with its already well-known appliances and home entertainment solutions, but it has also managed to expand into other sectors such as B2B and comprehensive solutions for businesses. This expansion is testimony to a business vision that seeks not only to adapt, but to anticipate the needs of the market.

One of the jewels in LG’s crown this quarter has been the introduction and expansion of its 2024 OLED televisions, which combine the latest in artificial intelligence to offer an unprecedented viewing experience.

This technology not only redefines what we expect from our visual devices, but also demonstrates how LG continues to lead in technological innovation. Likewise, the launch of advances in the vehicle components division show a clear focus on disruptive technology, adapting to the new demands of an increasingly digitalized and connected world.

LG’s new philosophy, “Life’s Good”, is reflected in each of the advances and products that the company has launched this quarter. From the development of Affective Intelligence in devices, which seeks to offer a warmer and more personalized experience to users, to innovative subscription services that allow consumers to adapt their appliances and services to a dynamic and modern lifestyle. LG doesn’t just sell products; sells an experience that improves people’s lives.

The future looks bright for LG. With an order book that promises to exceed all expectations and a series of innovations on the way that include everything from artificial intelligence technologies to solutions in robotics and electric vehicle charging, LG is not only responding to market trends, it is shaping the future of technology.

This quarter’s results are not only a reflection of LG’s financial success, but also of a well-executed strategy that integrates diversification, innovation and, above all, a philosophy aimed at user well-being. The path that LG is traveling is consistent and best of all, “Life’s Good” is a promise that continues to be fulfilled with each innovation and each record figure. So yes, LG’s good financial results are no coincidence; They are the result of a well-charted path towards the future

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